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Just got my package....as you said. Also a note to thank both you and the owners of Solartex. First Robin, the CEO's of Solartex need to know that you were so helpful to me on Wednesday am. LL Bean had just told me that my 2 month backorder was indeed never coming. With only 72 hours left till our 7 day one year beach trip I was in a panic- boy am I glad I found you!!! You were so polite, patient and considerate- answering all my questions with my 2 screaming kids in the background.

Moreover- luv the stingray long sleeve unisuits the pink and yellow combo is so Fab, excellent quality, color and workmanship actually went beyond my expectation . Who knew that the yellow and pink almost give that great glow in the dark effect- my 2 and 4 year olds were dancing around and they FIT PERFECTLY (even a little room for next year) So the people are nice, the product is great and service is fantastic. God Bless and thanks to you all my babies won't be frying this week. I am so pleased can you tell?

Dr. Jill Adera
Family Physician

I would like to say thank you and offer kudos to one of your employees, Robyn, who assisted me on my order with Solartex Sun Gear. I have never been so graciously helped on a web or telephone order as I was by Robyn. It was difficult to decide on the sizes so I had emailed Solartex, and Robyn answered my email right away even though it was a Sunday evening. In addition, when I then called her to clarify my order based on this new information, she was incredibly helpful, and also assured me that if the sizing was not right, that I could return it. In addition, she offered to keep the smaller size for me until after I received the order just to be sure. It is rare to have an employee who is so informed about the products carried or so helpful and gracious in assisting an unknown customer. I am sure you realize how fortunate your company is to have a representative like Robyn. Thank you very much for the outstanding customer service I have received from your company.

Sincerely,Gail W.

I was so happy when I found your brochure in my Dermatologists office. I couldn't believe that you carried bigger sizes. I have been searching and searching for plus sizes and no one else has it!! Do they not think that plus size people don't need protection from the sun!

I leave for a 2 week cruise soon and the swim shirt and golf shirts will allow me to really enjoy myself. Your service is superior!!! No questions on exchanges and returns, fast credit for returns.

I will be shopping with you again!

Jean E.

To a Great Company !!!!

I just purchased 2 bathing suits for my daughters from Solartex. When I placed the order I forgot to press the 2nd day shipping, however the bathing suits still arrived on the 3rd day from the order day with free shipping by regular USPS priority mail. I am happy to know that the orders are processed in such a sufficient way. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your excellent quality of care. In addition to that I wanted to say that we had similar bathing suits from another company, but the girls were excited about the fact that this one has a zipper, it does make it easier to slip it off when wet, since I already have a comparison.

My complements to the entire Solartex TEAM......

Thank you for keeping my daughters safe, Renata P. (a thrilled customer)

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received on my recent purchases. Your shipping was very fast, your return process was easy, your clothing is great, and my kids looked adorable!!! Thank you.

Delcie D.

I just want to thank you for the exceptional service (ultra-fast shipping!) and superb product quality! My son and I wore these on our recent trip to Mexico, and the peace of mind was terrific. For once I didn't have to stress about sun protection on vacation. The hat is pretty darn ugly--maybe a different color would help?--but it sure did keep the sun off my face and neck, and it was a breeze to pack.

Thank you very, very much!

Vicki S.

Thank you for the timely exchange. I received item prior to our leaving. Just wanted to drop a note to tell you , we will never be without this gear again. spent a great time a the beach and none of the kids had it out with sunburn. the swim wear is cool enough and fast drying and the kids were very comfortable....thanks again for a great product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The McConnell family.

Your service is excellent! I can't remember when I have encountered such prompt and attentive customer service. I am very pleased with items that you sent me also. I wore the swim shirt and shorts this weekend at a water park in Disney World. It was a very hot and sunny day. I didn't burn at all! I'm sure I will be ordering from you again, and, will recommend your products. Your kind of customer service is very rare today. Thanks.

Bonnie S.

Thanks a bunch for the info - I just placed an order for the hats, and decided to order more shirts. My new order qualified for free shipping. I reviewed lots of websites for sun protective clothing, and appreciate the good service and follow up that you gave me. Can't wait to get our clothes!

Kim S.

Just received our order from Fed Ex. So relieved to have been able to receive it in time - we leave early tomorrow morning. My 2 year old daughter is delighted with her Pool Pal suit - I'll be lucky to get it off of her today. The boys will be thrilled with their gear, too! Thank you for your excellent customer service - I will look to you as we head into the summer/beach season.

With thanks, Alison O.

I purchased the same suit for my daughter 2 years ago. After many wears and washes it is still in good shape. My family and I are heading to Jamaica for Christmas this year. I plan to have my 7 month old wear the older suit and give the new suit to the "almost" 3 year old. I think people often are too busy sending complaints and I just wanted to say thanks for making such a great suit!

Happy Holidays.

Mrs. Julie C.

I just want to thank you so much, i received everything , and it fits perfect and looks pretty good, just the tights are tight (but my wife likes them on me haha) If you have promotion or new product, don hesitate to send me email, because i always need to be fully protected wen i go out in the sun, and your product are perfect for me.

Thanks again and have a nice day


I want to thank you for being so prompt. Now my grandson will be a happier baby less likely to get a burn. You have made our trip to Hawaii a lot less stressful.

Thank you again from a worried grandmother!

Sherri M.

My name is Cathleen and I just wanted to say THANKS! I recieved my order for suits for my two children within 5 days of palacing the order (which I thought was great.) However, the amazing thing was that today at the water park (for almost 7 hours) neither of the kids were burned!

Thanks for such a great product and the rapid service. I'll be reccomending you :)

Cathleen M. Kelseyville, California

Thank you. Its a pleasure dealing with you. Will tell my friends.....

Val G.

The swimsuit arrived yesterday! It's perfect - thank you so much for the amazing service!

Pamela V.

Thank you for always giving me the absolute best customer service!


I recieved my order Wednesday afternoon after ordering Monday morning.)2 day). I a very pleased with my first experience with this company. The swim wears look wonderful.. Thank you I"ll be back

Runita T.

Hi -- I bought several items from you in early summer and I just wanted you to> know that my whole family agrees these are some of the best purchases I've ever made. We recently returned from 10 days in Hawaii and everyone just loved their shirts and hats, etc. No need to load up with the sun block and our protection never washed off. Silly me, I didn't buy myself a shirt and I was the one that got sunburned one day. Finally bought one locally -- although I used my long sarong as a sun protective wrap over my whole body on one boat trip.

Again, thank you for your great products. I've become a walking commercial. We just love our Solartex stuff!!!

Nancy B.

Hello! I just received my order (below) today and wanted to let you know that the substitution you made was just fine thanks. I'd ordered the 2 year old shorts in red. You didn't have them so sent the navy blue ones instead. They will be just fine - in fact I think I like the color contrast better! So I wanted to let you know you can charge those to my credit card and cancel sending the red shorts.

Thank you for thinking of the substitution.

Your happy customer, Joanne

I'm back to order for my Triplets! Last year they wore 6, as you said in your email to me. I know they should fit (my kids just turned 3 in Jan), but they were starting to be too short in the torso at the end of last summer. So I ordered size 8 for this summer. I chose to do the suits vs the short/shirt combo. I just love how fast I can get them on/off of the kids. Now I can only hope that the children will get them off fast for a trip to the potty!

I tried to order the same colors as last year to match their hats that I already have purchased. But I although I see the orange/royal in the photo, I didn't see it as an option in size 8 suit. Is that true? I had to pick the lime/royal instead. If you have the orange, I'd rather have it.

Thanks for your attention, Lisa H.

Got my order the very same week I ordered it. Thank-you so much for the wonderful service. The shirt was perfect and exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again, Shelly A. Portland Oregon

THANK YOU! I sent an email to the other girls in my daughter's class telling of your website. :) Best wishes, Laura

Dear Solartex, I ordered a large purple, long sleeve swim top as well as large purple swim tights. The swim top was a perfect fit, and I really like the color! However, the tights were very tight, and I will have to return them (I'm a size 14). I guess I'm worried that even the XL swim tights are going to run small, and I see that the only color that the larger sizes come in is navy. I wanted to be fashionable and match. ;-) What would you suggest? Should I order an XL and an XXL, and then return what doesn't fit? By the way, your service was prompt and the order was correct. How wonderful.

Thanks, Melissa

Thank you so much, you guys are always so nice to work with. I appreciate the help!


Thanks very much. You have been wonderful and we look forward to ordering again. I will let you know if our flexible spending account will ok this expense if there is doctor recommends such . SINCERELY, STEVEN F. TAMPA, FLORIDA

Just returned from my trip. I liked the items and especially how quickly they dried - they seem to shed the water. I still like my old shirt for out of the water though (especially as it has flat seams). If they ever make one just like that again then please let me know.


Thanks for your prompt reply Lisa (as always). We are going to Thailand on vacation over Christmas and as you see from the order we have just had another baby. The two older boys still fit into their suits from last year so even if the order doesn't arrive on time they will still have enough to wear. I think I will take a chance that it will arrive on time rather than have it get lost in Phuket ! Many thanks and have a great holiday season. Amanda-Jane

I usually purchase at this time of year because we vacation in Aruba for Christmas. The boys wear their suits all through the summer and are ready for a new one the next winter. When I am on the beach in Aruba, I feel like I should have your business card on hand at all times, so many people approach me to inquire about the kids' suits. Thanks so much for your excellent service and product! Sincerely, Gretchen Silverman

Robin, I am following up on a return order that we discussed. I ordered 6 items including children & adult swimwear. I recently returned one item which did not fit. As you requested, I have sent the item along with a copy of my order. Beverly A P.S. I also wanted to thank you and to let you know how much my family enjoyed your great sun products on our recent vacation. My 3 small children (who all have red hair & are very fair) & I were able to play on the beach during most of the day without worry of sunburn. We do wish that the C-short were longer to give even more protection.

Thank you! We just returned from our Carribean trip - and no one has sunburn!!!

Got my shirts. The fit is great, they look good. I am looking forward to getting years of wear out of them. Thanks a lot. It is funny that they are now going back to Australia. James R.

I did receive the package - it was waiting for me when I got home. I've tried everything on and it fits perfectly. Thanks for the great service, I'm delighted. Cheers, Robin

Hi, Wow, what great service. How nice it is to have a company (especially an online company) be so easy to deal with. Thanks again, and I'll send off that shirt as soon as I recieve your envelope. Sharon P.

robyn.....thank you so much for all your help. you saved the day, and my vacation...i'll send you some sand from the beach! really.....thanks a lot. jeff k.

Got my suits, we love them! My son wore his for 2 days straight, we had to make him take it off, Thanks, Rachel K!

AWESOME!!! Thank you! I will look at more stuff on your website. This fits well and doesn't look too bad and covers that "V" that always burns me - right now I am itchy due to one hour in the sun! Never more.... Sheila M.


I have a return (2 items that were the wrong size for the desired child); however I can’t seem to find the shipping invoice. I did order it online and do have the shipping confirmation invoice with totals included. Would it be alright to return these items with that invoice?


Kristie P.

PS By the way-I can’t say enough wonderful things about your products. There are many similar things out there these days, but I still think yours are the best (and most trusted) and very reasonably priced for the great quality!

Dear Robyn ~ Thank you thank you thank you !!! For your help and the generosity of the owners. Katelyn (a young cancer patient) absolutly loves the hats and shirts. The doctor okayed a little get away to my parent's condo, it is on Lake Michigan. Anyway she got a lot of use out of the shirts and the hats. She got so many compliments, it made her feel so special. And that made me feel great too. So a hundred thank you's. Blessings ~ Julie R.

Thank You to everyone,we have received the swimsuit and is perfect,thanx again Anna S.

Yesterday, my husbands stinger suit arrived. It was in good shape and exactly what we have hoped for. He will not swimming again until Labor Day weekend but we are looking forward to trying it out. Thank you for your quick mailing of this order. We are excited about it. Evelyn O.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you. My daughter loves her suit. When she outgrows it I'll order another from Solartex. Thanks. Jennifer.

I received the order and it fits wonderfully, love it. Thanks, Deirdre B.

Hi Robin,

I'd like to order one 126 Aquaforce Flotation Swimsuit size Large 50-70 pounds in Hot Pink for my little girl.

By the way, my cwear suit is wonderful.

Thanks so much.

Katherine C.

Thank you for the fabulous service. I will be recommending you to all the people who ask about our great sun protection when we're on the beach!! Your satisfied customer, sue

Thanks so much for taking care of this so expeditiously. Kudos to your customer service team!



Thank you for your great customer service- and great products!! A satisfied customer... Amy G.

WOW..what great service..just received my order as we were leaving for the beach...thanks so much for the excellent service and everything fits perfectly....have a great summer...Lisa A.

You're right. We tried it on today and it fits great. She'll be floating in the Gulf of Thailand in it! Thanks Diana


Thank you for the shipment. It arrived today. You are so quick. On Sunday I ordered two solar protection swim shirts from your company and two from another company. The other company has yet to ship the order, and yours has already arrived!! The quality and fit is perfect for my family. Thanks for you great customer service. Mary

Hi, Received the suits. The Sun Emporium is large and I am returning it. Do you have it in a 10? The other is a good fit. It is our second of your suits and she has enjoyed them. Thanks, Susan

Thank you for the confirmation. You had the best prices on line and I enjoyed shopping on your site. Marcie

Thank you! Your products and service are A+++! Erinn

I am a return customer; everyone in my family except my husband wears C-swimwear. My two oldest boys still want to wear their shirts even in indoor pools!!!!! We've had their shirts several years now and they finally wore them out last summer. Time for new ones for the kids!!!! Michele

Just wanted to let you know you are the nicest mail order/internet order place I've ever dealt with! YOu were so helpful last NOvember that I made a special effort to track you down when I needed a new suit. Last year, you sent me a new suit when I ordered the wrong size, even before you had received my return. This year, you are being very helpful and I thank you so much. We customers appreciate good care! Stacie

Thank you for the shirts, they are great! My son is very happy! Best regards Rafael

To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your products. I have bought 2 sets of swim outfits for my girls and am just thrilled with the protection that it gives them. I thought it would be hard to get them to wear them( they love their bikini swimsuits), but they know that it's easier to wear the outfits than to have to slather suntan lotion all over. I live in Arizona where the sun is very intense in the summer and I have recieved so many comments from parents wondering where they can buy these protective suits. I would be very interested in working with you to get this product out to Moms like myself who just don't know where to get these types of protective clothing. Crystal

Hi, Every year I purchase new suits for my kids from you guys. You have the best service! Thanks Pattie

Hi, I love the C-wear stuff I just bought from your online store! Does the flap hat have a string or strap on it? I'm trying to find something for snorkeling that will give my head and neck protection from the sun. Thank you, James

Lisa, Thank you so much for your help with deciding the sizes and for such prompt delivery of the suits. I have two suits and need to return after seeing which ones will best fit my childern and myself. Thanks again for your assistance! Adrianne

I purchased two floatys for two of my grandchildren last year, and they are the BEST! I now have more grandchildren going to Hawai'i next summer, and we need more suits. Thanks so much! Sharon

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Thank You and let you know that I have already received the swimsuits I ordered. That was FAST. And the suits (Sun Emporium) are impressive - good fabric, great seams and stitching. I've already shown them to friends and told them about your website. Excellent Service - I'll order from you again!! Have a great weekend, JOY

This is my second order from your company and I want to tell you I'm very happy with your service! Website was efficient and the parcel arrived quickly. Love those bathing suits. Thanks! Sheila

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the two sun shirts I ordered this summer have been great! My four year old daughter and my very fair-skinned 11 month old son have used them all summer. They are so great. Nice not to try slathering sunscreen all over a wiggly baby. My pediatrician is a big fan of sun shirts and I told him I would get a catalog to share with his clients. Can you please send me two catalogs, one for myself and one for my pediatrician? Thanks! Vivian

Hi! I placed an order with you on 8/11/03 and received it the next day! We took our shirts on vacation to the beach and they were life savers! Thanks for such great service and a wonderful product! Sincerely, Lisa

Aloha from Maui, I received my order (see below) on Friday, 8/22/03 and had the chance to wear it at my water aerobics class on Saturday, 8/23/03. I had so many inquires on where I purchased this. So hopefully you will be getting a few orders from Maui. I am very happy with my order. Thanks again. Sylvia

Thank you for your excellent service. I have referred several friends to your company. Jonathan.

Hi-- we received the order below and the XL does not fit my husband (he's 6'5" but very thin). I'm thinking that with his long torso, it might be wiser for us to just get a couple of the long sleeved C-shirts rather than the one-piece suits. I will go ahead and order the shirts now and return the XL one-piece for a refund. Please let me know if there is any problem with my plan. We love these products and appreciate your prompt and reliable service! The sizes you recommended for 3 and 5 year olds worked perfectly--and the size 2 fits my new baby, with room for growing. Thank you Julie

Here's a picture of our son Trey earlier this summer... This was the first time he was at the pool and the suit was GREAT!! We just got back from Nags Head last week and the suit worked like a champ! Thanks! The Turley's

Hi there - I recently ordered some things for myself and children. I ordered the cwear adult shirt way too big and have placed it in the mail to return. I would like to exchange it for a size Large (capri blue adult swim shirt) so you should be receiving it shortly. Just to let you know, I have been very pleased with your product. My son wears his shirt all the time as well as my husband. It is amazing that the material does not get hot and that it is so comfortable! Thanks, Jessica

Hi I wanted to thank you for all your help with my daughter's suit bottoms. I sent out the ones that didn't fit. I absolutely love them and have recommended your outfits to everyone! On the beach we get questions all the time. thanks again Lynn

Lisa, Thank you for the confirmation. I appreciate your prompt response. And, we love our solartex shirts. They are perfect here in the desert southwest. Mary

Hi Lisa, My order arrived today. I must commend you on your excellent customer service!!! You were so prompt in answering my questions regarding sizing which is the reason why I purchased from you instead of another company carrying the same swim wear line. I also was impressed with how quickly my order arrived - I ordered on Tuesday and received on Friday! Thanks! Marla

Hi Lisa I loved it and it fit perfect! I also love the hat and coverup. I can't thank you enough for your great customer service! I went to Orlando and enjoyed the sun and the beach for the first time in years-no sunburn! I will recommend your products to everyone. Please send me updates when you have new merchandise. Thanks so much Diane

I am VERY impressed with your customer service! Package arrived yesterday and the suits are great (big, but that was the plan) and as your follow-up email said, there were just the two suits, the third had been pulled in time. Thank you very much! Chris

Hi Lisa, Thanks for your help today, I really appreciate the time you are always willing to spend with me on the phone. We really do love the Pool Pal and C-wear products. A... is learning good water balance and beginning to kick and swim using her Pool Pal. Makes my life a whole lot easier too. I often see other brands of flotation swim wear and always question the quality and safety. Other brands may be less expensive but I know can trust the Pool Pal when it comes to safety and wearability and durability. Great customer service keeps me coming back! Thanks, Susan

I purchased a suit for my child when she was 9 months (approx.) It has been great. I am completely surprised that she still wears it and loves it! Of course, now it is shorts on her! It is a size 2. The white flap hat was great too! (She has outgrown it.) Julie

Thanks Robyn! I love your product. My 4 year old grandaughter is very fair skinned but we live in S.Florida. The suit I bought her last year lasted through her latest growth spurt with not one sunburn after a summer of swimming classes. It is great. Thanks for your help. Charlotte

I will definitley be ordering a pair of swim tights from you once you get back to me on the right size. Thank you so much for answering all my questions. Your customer service is exceptional. I am very impressed! Thank you Lisa! Shannon

I should also let you know that the shirt I ordered for my 5-year old (he is a red head and we live in a very sunny Flordia) has worked out wonderfully!!!! He hasn't gotten one sunburn since we got it, including 2 all day snorkeling trips we took. Thank you Ronny

Hi there, thank you so much for sending yet another item, the Sun Emporium suit fits great and will get lots of use this summer. I appreciate your good service. Louise

Please send me your catalog if you have one. The sunshirts I got from you were a hit. Kim

Thank you for your prompt attention. I have been most impressed with your service. Our order arrived earlier this week. Thanks again. Karen

I received my order yesterday. It fits my 6 year old perfectly and he loves it! He looks so cute! Best of all, he will be protected on vacation in Florida! Thank you for offering such a great product. Christine

Order received today. Swim shirt looks great, feels great, and was the first to get wet in our brand new pool. Most of the pool builders have Solartex hats and one of them has a long sleeve shirt (he is the one that was most impressed with my swim shirt and is probably going to order one). Thanks, Jim

They were superb and I thank you for sending them so promptly. My kidssnorkeled in Belize for five days and never got burned. Super product.The long sleeve, long legs was just great.

Thanks so much for the shipment which arrived today - the clothes lookgreat. Thanks too for extending the sale price to us. We're very impressedwith your service.

Took the suit to Mexico and she was the hit of the beach. Everyone askedwhere I got it! You need to open shop in cancun. You could make a fortune.



You have great service. I was so pleased with my first order--that's why I'm ordering again. I was unsure of your product, but after testing it, I'm hooked.



I love the swim shirt. Thanks so much. It is very comfortable when I'm swimming, and rinses out and hangs nicely. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.



I recently bought a big ole water shirt from you. Your service in working the exchange, as the first one was really too big, and in answering my questions was first rate. Lisa even has a sense of humor!

The shirt arrived very promptly, fits fine. I put it to good use in late September on a cruise. I may have been the only one on the snorkeling trip with a shirt on, but no damn sunburn, and the shirt is very comfortable in or out of the water. Thanks for the great products and service.



I like the fact that I can wear my C-wear swim shirt layered over my full wetsuit, which I like to do when I go in the water to go Bodyboarding, Jetskiing, and snorkeling. This like a personal dress code I have. I also like to wear it with out the wetsuit as well. I like how it looks with the sleeve cuff bands.




Thank you! I received it today. Very cute.



Thank you for your great product..I operate a swim school and am in the water over 22 hours a week almost year round (outside in Florida) I've been using shirts from another company for many years but your water shirt far exceeds theirs and is a lot more cost efficient. Yours not only remains color fast but the fabric doesn't deteriorate like the other. Both seem to equally screen out the sun. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer!



Thank you for your order, I received it today. The hat is great!! I really appreciate it - my daughter can't wait to wear it!



Dear Lisa,

We got the shirts yesterday and tried them out yesterday and loved them... I'm passing your name on to some of our friends who were interested in the shirts, so hopefully you'll get some more orders.




Just hoping I can receive my order by Friday, when we leave to go camping...Thanks, look forward to getting my order for my little boy! My sister loves her outfit for her little daughter!



Hi--I recently received the bathing suit from you. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Very comfortable. I'll be in touch later to order more. have had many comments on it. Look forward to seeing new styles--



I have seldom been as delighted with a purchase as I am with these C-wear Suits.





I received the hat the very day I sent the email. It is great. regards, Kathy

just wanted to thank you for sending the suitsso promptly and for helping with our order since the other patterns wereout of stock. The "watermelon" and "frog" patterns areadorable. The funniest thing was that my niece we were visiting had theexact same suit. The two girls were extremely excited that theyhad matching swimsuits. My kids loved the suits - they wanted to wear them immediately (and begged tosleep in them!) We were able to relax and enjoy our trip to the lake. Thanks a lot! Cindy

Received item I ordered and love it. Thanks, Connie and Tim

Lisa, Just wanted to thank you for your help on the phone in sizing. Everythingarrived (on the same day it snowed an inch in Boston!!!) and the kids prancedaround all afternoon looking like surf-bums. I don't think I'll have anyproblem at all getting them to wear them this summer. I'm keeping the 8, 10 and 12 though we won't use the 12 until next summer. With three kids, it will be nice to have an extra around. Great stuff, thanks again!!! Jenny

lisa: We love the suits we got for our boys, and better still, they love them too. They like to wear them just to play around the house. Sue

lisa: solartex and your sunsuits are great. i kept the c-suits on the kidsall week, and i kept my c-wear shirt on all week. it gave me peace of mindin the hot yucatan peninsula sun, and saved me time. i only had to applysuncream on the exposed areas, and the c-suits kept exposed areas to a minimum. and...........the kids even kept their c-hats on. in fact,they wanted to. many times during our beach vacation, i said, "thosesunsuits are great." i only wish i would have known about them longago, and that they would have had them when i was a kid. i ama firm believer in your products and would never ever think of being on a beachagain without them. thanks again. Gregg

MyC-suit arrived today, and I was thrilled! I'm a picky shopper, andreluctant to shop online. I'd been looking for something like the greatfull-length suits that were worn in the last summer Olympics, and this is the onlything that comes close. Living in the Northwest, the sun isn't as much ofan issue, but I love the coverage, warmth, and style. I don't have toworry about shaving, pale skin, cellulite, or the dreaded tugging to keep myswimsuit in place. The free shipping was an added perk; I didn't expect that. I sure hopeyour products become more and more popular--I'd love to buy more in trendierpatterns! Many thanks!

Thanks! We've already used the suit three times in Arizona sun and it works great! Debra

Received the c-suit early Wed. afternoon. Beautiful quality and fit. Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to being a repeat customer. Irma

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. We ordered (express) c-shorts, shirt, suit, hat from your website/email a few weeks ago before going on vacation. We had a great vacation and were very very pleased with you products. Thanks for your assistance getting them to us in a hurry! All the best, Matt

We received our order and my daughter Lauren loves it, she tried to get us to let her wear it to bed because it is so comfortable and she loves the purple color , Thank you for your prompt service. Susan

thank you for your clear response. We rec'd the Pool Pal swimsuit yesterday and it's a big hit!

Thank you for the great great shirt!!! I took my navy blue long sleeve shirt to Mexico and LOVED IT! After spending one week on the beach, I barely tanned and was able to enjoy hours on the sand without the burn & peel that all my college friends experienced. Thanks for helping me keep my youthful glow ......... even at 40 years old! With appreciation, Beth

Thank you so much. Love the Aqua Force suit and so does my baby.

I will be returning the size 8 black and aqua 1 piece suit to exchange it for a size 10 black and aqua 1 piece suit. Also my daughter loves her suit and has not taken it off since she got it. She even wore it to bed. She can't wait to get the matching hat.Thank you, Sandy

You were right - its perfect! Thanks and keep up the great work; she wore it to the beach on Sunday and looked like a surfer girl!!! Regards, Lisa

Thanks Lisa, my kids wore their new suits to the beachyesterday and loved them. I am so thankful thatsomething that protects their skin is also somethingthey like to wear. Sincerely, Angela

Lisa- THANK YOU!!!!! The swimsuit and hats were perfect. I think my son was the only child who didn't get sunburned. We received quite a few compliments - I passed on your company name to many people with nothing but good things to say. Thank you again for everything! Christina

I love your items. I ordered last year too. But I can't find sun protective stuff for kids here in Japan. I guess Asian people are very strong with sun. My kids are half asian , so they are very sensitive with the sun.



Hi Lisa - Just wanted to let you know we got the suit & it is GREAT!!. I'm really glad I got the 4 - the 2 would have been too small. Thanks for all your help and have a great day. Deidre ps - he looks adorable in it :-)

We received them yesterday. They're perfect and the kids love them. They fit well too. Stacy

Thank you again for getting me those float suits. I really appreciate it. I have four children; a 6yr. old, a 3 yr. old and 2yr. old twins, the three youngest really need the assistance of the suit and it has given my 3 yr. old so much confidence in the water. He is having a blast, so again thank you! Kathy

Thanks so much!By the way, My girls have been getting lots of compliments on their onepiece suits and I have been giving out your web address liberally! Goodthing it is an easy address. Cheers, Elizabeth

My 3-year-old daughter loves wearing her C-suit, and I just feel so good knowing she's getting such excellent sun protection. I couldn't resist ordering a shirt and shorts for myself and a shirt for my mother-in-law! It's a great product. Thanks, Tania Albuquerque, NM

Lisa - Many thanks for your help and it's been a pleasure doing business with you. I am certain that my sisters will want to order suits for all 6 kids! So I should be giving you more orders soon once they see how cute and wonderful these suits are! Have a wonderful day! Susan

Hi Lisa, Yesterday received the package with shirts and hat. I am very pleased with the shirts and they fit fine. Tomorrow going to the Y and will wear shirt and hat in the pool. Also will be showing many people the shirts and hat and will let you know if anyone is interested in obtaining clothing.Thanks again for your help and look forward to spending more time out in the Sun and pool. Today is overcast and lite rain and in the 70's. Sincerely, Mary

The package arrived this morning (!) and the items arejust great. Thanks!! I am really thrilled with the feel and quality of these items, and with your wonderful service.I shall be recommending you and your products to my friends who livein serious sun in Phoenix! Thanks again, Tina

Dear Lisa, My vacation was great and the clothing was excellent. I really liked the purple long sleeved shirt best, practically lived in the thing. The one piece swimsuit was great for the pool. Now I have had to put it all away until I go to the sun again. Thanks for your help and great service. Tina

I just saw an advertisement in our agency news paper for Aqua Force. Nice ad and I'm glad that people are hearing about your wonderful Coast Guard approved suits. Anita

Swimsuit is brilliant! My husband spent a great deal of time snorkelling in the Seychelles, not even a pink back!!!!! The black looked most discrete and quite a few people asked about it. Good Luck with more sales. Penny

I received the shirt Thursday or Friday, and I'm wearing ittoday:) It's great. Eric

I just want to tell you how happy I am with the C-Suit I recentlypurchased for my daughter. She is five years old and at a somewhat increased risk for melanoma, and spends a lot of the summer outside. Since we got the C-Suit, I've felt much more confident about letting her stay outside, and we have far fewer battles over putting sunscreen on. She has worn it to the beach, various waterparks, and the community pool, and the only comment she has gotten from other children has been, "Hey, that's cool!" She also looks adorable in it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm so pleased with this product I just ordered one for myself! Carol

Hi Lisa. OK, I'm looking forward to getting it. I thinkwe've almost made back the cost of my daughter's suit in savings on sunscreen already -- we were getting through about two bottles a week for a while there. I've been doing all kinds of PR at the community pool, so you never know --you might see some orders out of New Jersey next summer. Meanwhile, thanks. It's a pleasure doing business with such a polite and service-oriented company. Carol

Meghan and Gillian LOVED their purple and pink swimsuits and hats. We just spent a week in Florida and they practically lived in the c-suits while playing at the beach, in the pool, in the garden and on the climber. We had so many compliments about how great the girls looked (a few people told us that they were the best dressed kids on the beach!) and many mothers asked me where to buy them for their children (I gave them your website address). After 6 wonderful days in the sun, my two fair skinned girls don't even have so much as a slight tan. They were a great success!! Thanks again, Chriss

I absolutely love the C-Wear line. My entire family wears the swim wear every time we swim, whether indoors or out because the fabric also provides insulation when going in and out of the water.The swim wear is also very stylish looking. I love the look of the logo and the prints. We have worn other sun-safe swim wear in the past but I truly love love your look the best! Stephani

My daughter, Claire loves the suit and the color looks very pretty on her as she has beautiful blue eyes. I'll send a picture this summer. You will hear from me again and I will pass your name on. Lisa

Hi Lisa and Laurie It is very nice to here from you again. The items we bought last year from you really helped us a lot to enjoy our holidays in the south of France that summer. Our first concern was to protect our kids from the burning sun and with those fine suits we achieved that goal easily. So, even if we don't return to your shop this year, we might do so next year, since the kids are growing rapidly. Have a great year too! Attila and Susanne

We'll wait on the c-shirts until the navy is in-stock. Myson is wearing a size 2 now and it fits him fine, it is just a bit stretched out since it was passed down from his 2 brothers. Good quality stuff. Thanks, Tammi

Dear Lisa and Laurie, Thanks for sending out the orders. I'm going to return the C-wrap--it was too big. Everything else is wonderful. Thank you. Happy summer! Best regards, Manette

Attn: Lisa >> You have recently received and order for a child's cap from my wife, and a number of emails discussing the size suitability (for a child with whom you might expect has an enormous head) and colour ways.>> Just a note to say that the cap has arrived today thank you very much, fits the monster (that's a relief), and the colour is loved by all concerned (thank the lord). Our apologies for the panicking emails requesting a change to the initially ordered cap, I hope it hasn't inconvenienced you at all. >> Regards Trevor

Hello! Did I ever write about my shirt? If not - I LOVE IT - if so - I LOVE IT LOL - it feels so good to swim and not get that HOT BURNING FLESH smell and feel you know? When my girls outgrow their little wetsuits I will buy them YOUR suits instead - I will buy more stuff FOR SURE - I will be one customer for life!!! Thanks so much, Laura

no thank you on the hats, and we did want the size 8. Thank you. We love your products Rita

Dear Lisa, I received my two C-wear adult long sleeve shirts - thanksand now would like to order another....could you please send another in the purple (medium) if you have it - or whatever color available. Ellen

Hi Lisa, I received your cards and brochures. (Sorry it took me a whileto respond!) I sent them to my dermatologist; hopefully you will get some orders out of it! We had a nice vacation in Florida & the Bahamas---your sun clothing worked great!!! I would like to order another C-shirt T-shirt. I would like adult medium, ruby color. Thanks, Barb

Hi Lisa - I had been meaning to call you to let you know my daughter loves her suit (and so do I...a lot less sunscreen to apply). We've gotten numerous compliments on it. It is a real eye-catcher. The baby's suit also fits. It is actually too big but ends up giving great protection because it covers her all the way to her hands and feet. We've also gotten lots of compliments on the slouch hats. As a matter of fact, my husband wanted to know if you could get one in an adult size so he could wear it while doing yard work. Let me know if this is an option. We've both been giving out your website so I hope you get some orders. Hope all is going well. Best Regards, Ingrid

Lisa, Thank you so much for your help today. Dylan loves his suit. We would like to know if you had any slouch hats to match the sky/navy suit. Both children are wearing their suits now. They are both excited. Dylan wants to wear his suit to school tomorrow!!. Thanks, Cathy The Watercountry trip was great!!!! The kids looked so cute in their swimsuits. I had 5 or 6 six people comment on the suits. One mom was really impressed. Best of all, the kids did not get overexposed. I took my daughter in for her 3 yr checkup yesterday. Her ped & I got into a discussion about sun protection and such. I told him about the sunsuits. He was very interested. I gave him your web site. He agrees with covering the children as opposed to keeping the sunscreen onthem. He may be contacting you. Both children are still very happy with their suits. Last evening they went swimming in a neighbor's pool and I gave them a choice as to which suit to wear (it was like 6:30 or 7:00 p.m.) & they both chose the solartex suits. Beware!!! However, I think the suits give them more energy. See ya! Cathy

Dear Lisa, Thanks for the reply-we received it on Friday and it is brilliant, just what we wanted for our little boy. We have just taken him swimming in it. Thanks again for your help. Mike

I really loved the aqua color ofthe shirt!!!!! The internet and brochure do not do it justice. I'm really looking forward to wearing the shirt and shorts and notbeing afraid to be out in the sun for once in my life and enjoying itwithout a ton of sunscreen!!!!!! Michele

Lisa, Thanks for your note. I need both the shorts and shirt urgently for a trip at the end of next week. Can you please send the Royal Blue set ( both shorts and top in Royal Blue). Please advise. Kind Regards, Rosemary P.S. My husband loves the C Shirt I ordered from you!!!!!

Hi Lisa, We love the suits! Regards, Lucie

Thanks. Oh, by the way, your info on children's' sizing was excellent. Yours is the first place that I was able to get my daughter a suit that fit right the first time. -Robin

I did get it, thank you tho... LOVE THE SUIT!!!

Received the swim suit...Love it!!! Thanks Suzie

Hello, first let me say thanks I liked the first shipment and can't wait for thesecond order to arrive. Since recieving the first shipment we have beengetting a lot of inquires about the clothes. Virginia

Lisa, Thanks for the update. I have a medium (float) suit now that she is wearing, however it is starting to get a bit snug. Thanks again for the GREAT customer service, Shannon

That would be great!!!! I love your hats! We are going to Arizona with our big family and it gets hot there! Tamara :)

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