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Protect Your Skin When Traveling To Warm Areas In This Winter!

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With the fall months approaching, especially during the pandemic, we’re all going to be tempted to vacation and relax in areas that stay warm all year round (safely of course!). When November and December hit and we aren’t able to sit in outside restaurants and enjoy the outdoors, everyone will be itching to hit the road to the south, east, or west coast!


What we need to be mindful of when visiting these warmer places is that the closer we are to the equator, the stronger the sun is. It’s imperative that we ease our way into exposing our skin to the sun so we don’t experience skin damage or sun burn! In the fall and winter months, our skin won’t be as used to the sun as it is in the summer, which means more sun damage, faster and easier!


In these situations, sunscreen isn’t as effective in completely protecting your skin as sun protective clothing is. Clothing doesn’t have to be reapplied and it covers and protects your skin from the harmful UV rays the sun produces. Shirts, shorts, full body suits, and hats are all great to throw on and wear in the places that are sunny all year round!

With everything we have experienced this year, I hope many of you get the chance to safely travel to warmer destinations this winter. If you do, be sure to take precautions to protect your health AND your skin.

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