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Stand Up Paddleboarding....SUP

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Stand up paddle boarding has recently become the go-to water activity. Whether it’s at the beach, on the lake, on the river, or in the sound, everyone can enjoy this hobby. Beginners know the awesome feeling of finally finding their balance after a wobbly start, and pros love the adrenaline rush of racing down a wave in the ocean. Stand up paddle boarding is great with friends who want to explore the waterways and see aquatic life but it can also be an opportunity for solitude, a great way to clear the mind. Not only that, balancing on an SUP provides a great core and leg workout and it improves balance skills. Even yoga is a common activity on the stand up paddleboard. 

If you are paddle boarding then you are probably out in the middle of the water under the blazing sun, and you are not going to want to get off and stop the fun! Sun exposure is greater when you’re in the middle of a large body of water as opposed to laying by the shore. That’s why it's very important to have UV protection from the sun that you can count on. 

Long Sleeve UV Protective Surf Tee T-Shirt

One option is to wear a lightweight UV protection Hexskin long sleeve Surf Tee Shirt, the perfect staple for SUP. When wearing these, you won't get burnt or have to stop to re-apply sunscreen. And use them for any water activity, fishing, swimming kayaking. These water sport sun protection t-shirts will give you a care-free feeling without having to worry about sun damage. Not only that, these SUP shirts will make you look like a pro while doing it!