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Perfect Gloves for Arthritic Hands


Those of us who suffer from arthritis in our hands know that as winter approaches, our fingers become that much more sensitive. While there are plenty of pills to take, many of us are looking for more natural options. One item that can provide relief is Protexgloves.If you have arthritis and notice that you are dropping things more often or have difficulty gripping things you may want to try some of their specialized gloves with grips.Protexgloves provide gentle support, snug form fit and soothing comfort for aching hands. The silicone grip ovals on the palm will help to provide a secure grip when opening jars, driving your car or holding a handbag, suitcase or tool.

These gloves, made by Foxgloves, can help if you have sun sensitivity or suffer from chronic skin and hand conditions, too. They are very durable, while also being lightweight and provide 50+ UVA and UVB sun protection, which is knit into the state of the art fabric. Protexgloves keep everyday tasks from becoming painful ordeals. You get the protection you need and the comfort you desire. People love these gloves because they are comfortable on your hands but are stylish

and useful. And some styles have finger less versions.

Protexgloves are made by blending Supplex® nylon and Lycra® elastane, to create a form fitting and lightweight glove that allows you to do most small-motor tasks, while being sturdy enough to withstand robust and extended use. The small pliable silicone ovals grips on the palm side of the gloves offer and extra strong grip. All Protexgloves can be machine washed and dried for easy care.

You can find these gloves here http://www.solartex.com/accessories/sun-gloves .

These gloves have been a blessing for many of us who suffer from arthritis, sun sensitivity and other conditions with our hands. They come in many styles and several colors. Check them out to keep your hands warm in the winter and then use them for driving in the summer!

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