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Fishing Season!

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As my boyfriend, Alex, said on multiple occasions when he was unsuccessful catching a fish this summer, “trout season is coming! Its just not here yet”. Well folks, the season is finally here! Fall is the best time to catch fish on the east coast and in Virginia Beach. October 1stto May 31st, trout season in on full display. The department of Wildlife Resources stocked waters with nearly a million catchable fish in various parts of Virginia. During the summer months, June to September, the water is too warm and low to have much success in catching trout, which explains why Alex wasn’t able to catch much this summer. Fishing success occurs in the fall, spring, and mild winter months. Now that we’re officially into fall, Alex has been spending most of his free time fishing with his friends on a stand up paddle board. He’s caught various fish of different sizes almost every time he’s gone out this Fall! This is a plus for me because now we get free dinners!


Although it’s technically fall here, the weather is still very warm and the sun is very strong. It has been in the mid 70s almost every day and mostly sunny on the weekends. Alex doesn’t have fair skin, but he does consistently get red on his arms, shoulders, upper back, and face no matter how long he’s in the sun. Because Alex fishes after work or on the weekends whenever he has the time, he doesn’t want to waste time putting on sunscreen if he doesn’t have to. Also, with all his fishing gear, its unlikely he’ll have room to pack extra sunscreen to reapply on his body. This is where our rash guards come in! “I’d rather throw on one of Solartex’s sun protective shirts when I’m fishing or surfing, it’s easier than rubbing sunscreen all over my body and remembering to reapply”. Let’s be real, not everyone is good about thinking about the sun, especially when it comes to the cooler months and when you’re not getting in the water. However, the sun is VERY much still a concern any time you are outside. Being on a paddleboard out in the middle of the water, the sun is especially strong because the reflection off the water!



Solartex’s swim shirts and suits are a great option for those who are still very much into water activities as we approach fall and the mild winter months. Like Alex said, it’s easier to throw something on than smother yourself in sunscreen! 

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