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The importance of sun protection during paddle boarding and kayaking

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Covid-19 has left us with fewer outdoor activity options that make us happy, especially during the spring and summer months. Spring and Summer are favorite seasons for fun and excitement and it would be a shame to let them slip away because we are unable to go to restaurants, beaches, and theme parks.


There are still a few things we can do specifically on the water that are great outdoor hobbies and super fun! For example, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding are great activities to enjoy while maintaining social distancing. In fact, a lot of people prefer these activities alone.They are both relaxing, serene, and eye opening. You can also get a great workout while doing them. Whether it’s working your arms and core from paddling or performing yoga on the stand up paddle board, you will stay in shape while staying distant!


Protecting your skin while stand up paddle boarding and kayaking is imperative. Sometimes, people forget to wear sun protective clothing during these activities because the UV danger is not as obvious as when sunbathing at a beach or pool. However, the UV rays are stronger on the water when you are directly in the sun with no shade rather than on sand or by the pool.

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Swim shirts, swimsuits, swim shorts, body suits, hats, sunglasses, arm, wrist, and hand protection give you the sun protection you need and the freedom to move and exercise. Sunscreen is great but putting on a shirt and hat is more convenient than having to reapply every two hours, right? 

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