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Winter Beach Vacation!

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Thinking about a winter beach trip? Puerto Rico is a great destination. The food is phenomenal, the beaches are stunning and San Juan is a beautiful European style city with historical forts, great shopping and a wide variety of restaurants.

The neighborhoods near San Juan, like Isle Verde and Condado, have wide sandy beaches that are clean and the water is always warm and clear. Lots of restaurants and shopping are nearby and a trip into old San Juan is a must to visit the forts and walk the town.

Farther afield you will find a great family beach called Luquillo Beach. Thirty miles east of San Juan, this beach in on a bay that protects your young children from the rough waters of the Atlantic and provides a perfect area for them to swim. Keep those children protected from the sun with a UV swim suit and sun hat. Or if they are learning to swim, a flotation swimsuit will help them stay afloat and give you peace of mind.

Looking for a scenic beach? You can’t beat the beauty of the southwest beaches. One of the most scenic is Playuela, near the Cabo Rojo lighthouse. Accessed by a dirt road, you won’t be disappointed in the calm water, beautiful scenery and clean beaches. Remember your sunscreen, your swim shirt and your UV hat, since there are no stores or facilities at this beach.

Rincon, Isabela and Aguadilla offer gorgeous beaches with amazing surfing. And the food in these areas is delicious and inexpensive. Winter waves can reach 20 feet. In Aguadilla, head to Gas Chambers, Crash Boat, or Wilderness; in Isabela, try Jobos and Middles. The best time to surf is from November through April.

For great snorkeling, try one of the islands, like Vieques or Culebra.Culebra’s Flamenco beach is a perfect white sandy beach and nearby is a barrier reef offering remarkable snorkeling. Keep your sun protection close by on these islands!

Puerto Rico offers US citizens a Caribbean vacation where everyone speaks English, there is no need for a passport, you can skip customs and you don’t have to exchange foreign currency. Perfect!

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